32 Fun & Easy Preschool Activities for Spring

In this post I’m going to share some super fun and engaging preschool activities for Spring that you can easily do at home! I’ll also share some tips from a teacher on how to get the most learning for your time. I’ll give you a variety of Spring themed activities that you will be able to do with your preschooler this Spring season. You’ll be able to have fun while building up fine motor skills, literacy skills, and math skills. 

child enjoying preschool activities in spring


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Spring is a time of NEW. Flowers are blooming. Grass starts growing again.

Have your neighbors started mowing yet? No? Just mine?!

In Spring we can hear more sounds of nature and the sun is staying out longer.

preschool child reading outside in the Spring

This gives us so many chances to talk to our children about Spring.

We can:

  • Watch the weather for the week & talk about how Spring brings rain
  • Notice & study what the rain does
  • Talk about the clothes we wear in the Spring
  • Notice the differences in the weather (How is it different than winter?)

Having these conversations will help them understand things are changing outside. It is the perfect time to talk about the signs of Spring during your morning routine.

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You don’t need a complicated lesson plans with a preschool spring theme.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Read books about Spring (hint: I have a list to get you started below)
  2. Find ways to bring Science into your day
  3. Make some Spring arts and crafts
  4. Get outside & even talk about the weather


Here are some of my favorite books for Spring.

These are great for quick reads & they will get your little one asking questions.

Remember that reading doesn’t need to be complicated.

Read at breakfast, read at lunch, sit for five minutes and cuddle and read. Or another great option for fitting a story in is to read at bath time! 

This is a great way to build literacy skills, discuss colors and numbers, and to get your preschooler noticing Spring.


1. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

2. I See Spring by Charles Ghigna

3. The Little Blue Truck Springtime by Alice Schertle

4. Worm Weather by Jean Taft 

5. Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson 

6. Bloom Boom by April Pulley Sayre

7. What Can You See in Spring? By Sian Smith 

8. Singing in The Rain by Tim Hopgood

9. Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by II Sung Na

10. Exploring Spring by Terri DeGezelle

I always prefer to try before I buy with children’s books by checking them out of my local library.

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There are many wonderful ways you can learn about Spring with your child.

I’m going to break them down by category for you below, just to make it easy.  


Here are some ideas for learning outside.


Go on a walk around your neighborhood or to a local park.

Collect items in a water bottle, bag, or just in your hands.

When you’re done, sit and talk about all of the things you have.

What do they look like? What does it feel like on your hands? Does it have a smell? 

preschool child counting flowers


You can do this on the nature walk or make it a separate activity.

Go to the backyard and count the flowers.

Yes! Even the yellow Dandelion weeds count.

Maybe you can pick them and put them in a small jar with water. This is a great fine motor activity!

You can also open up a talk about parts of a flower. 


Have some sticks laying around from that nature walk? Great!

stick letters a-z as an example of a preschool activity for spring

Work on some letter recognition by helping your little preschooler build letters.

Start with their name.

Show them how to build it and then have them copy what you did.  


Another option is to write their name in chalk on the sidewalk, then have them build their name with nature items(flowers, sticks, weeds, mulch, rocks, etc).

This will give you different materials to teach letters and how to identify and build their name! 


I love this nature scavenger hunt from Craftivity Designs.

Learn how to plan an exciting Nature Adventure for your kids. Whether it’s to the backyard or through a park, these fun nature activities will capture your children’s attention.


Here are some ideas for using the Spring preschool themes inside on a rainy day or outside!


These can be objects from nature like rocks and sticks. Or even flowers or worms.


Get some small Dixie cups and write numbers 1-10 on them.

You can do up to 20 if your child is ready for the challenge.

Then take some dry beans or pom-poms (or whatever you have on hand) and work together counting them.

Place them in the matching Dixie cup.

This a fun way to teach number recognition, help them count, and strengthen fine motor skills. 


One of my favorite activities in the Free Preschool Spring Activity Book are the color by number pages!

This is perfect to do indoors on a rainy day or if it’s a nice day, take it outside and enjoy the Spring weather!

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These craft ideas are perfect for little hands and such a fun way to add some creativity to your preschool learning day.


toilet paper tube butterfly

For this you need:

  • an empty toilet paper roll
  • some construction paper or tissue paper
  • googly eyes(optional)
  • pipe cleaners
  • something to color with(markers, crayons, colored pencils)


Start by having your child glue googly eyes on the top center of the tube.

Draw a smile under the eyes, glue pipe cleaners as antennas, and then cut the paper into wings (fold in half & make a letter B.)

Cut the B out, open & lay flat.

Let them decorate the wings & then glue on the back of the toilet paper tube.

This is a colorful Spring art project for our little learners! 


For this you need:

  • a paper plate (preferably the plain white ones)
  • construction paper
  • something to color with


Cut the top “rigid” part of the paper plate off, creating a U shape.

Have your preschooler color/decorate this part.

Then cut a circle out of construction paper — have them draw 2 eyes and a nose (help if needed), then glue to one end of the paper plate.

This creates the face of the caterpillar.

Next, help make the antenna.

Using the remaining construction paper, draw 2 antennas for your child to cut out.

Have them cut it out & then glue it to the head of the caterpillar. 


Here are some great ideas for different ways to create fun Spring themed crafts.

DIY Egg Carton Flower Crown from Mimosas and Motherhood

This DIY egg carton flower crown is so easy to make! Using supplies you probably already have at home, learn how to make a unique and beautiful egg carton headband, and recycle some fun into playtime.

Fork Stamped Dandelions from Unique Gifter

Pull together a dandelion craft afternoon quickly with only 4 items: 2 colors of paint, paper and a fork! This easy craft is suitable for preschoolers up through age 10, so kids of all ages can take part.

Cereal Rainbow Craft from Mess for Less

This is great for fine motor practice, glue handling skills and color sorting!

Easy Origami Flower Cards from Fluxing Well

These easy springtime origami greeting cards are fun for kids to make and give away.


Sensory bins are not just for babies and toddlers! Preschool aged children have a great time learning with sensory bins!

I LOVE sensory bins. They teach so many skills at once and are captivating for our preschoolers!

Here are some ideas for simple sensory bins.

Get a plastic tub or bucket that is shallow.

I like the storage totes that are clear with a lid. You can find them on Amazon, at Target, and even at Dollar Tree. 

Next, you’re going to fill it with Spring items.

You’ll need a base. You can use Easter Basket grass, shredded Spring colored paper, dry beans, dry rice, or even dry pasta. 

Then, we want to put some Spring items inside and “hide” them.

The goal will be for your preschooler to dig and find them.

Some ideas for sensory fillers are:

  • fake flowers
  • your own flowers from the yard or your flower garden
  • mini flower pots
  • mini water cans
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic insects
  • rocks
  • Spring mini erasers
  • or even pom-poms (or puffies as they’re called in my house)

Next, you want to add some digging tools.

You can use sandbox toys (clean them first), safe kitchen utensils (spoons, spatula, measuring cups, etc), and just drop them in. 

Finally, sit with your preschooler and show them how to use the sensory bin.

Explain your expectations.

Maybe items stay in the bin and we play with the sensory bin at our craft table or kitchen table. 

These are so nice to keep around for days when you don’t have the time to prep anything! 

Just set it out and have a blast watching your little one learn about through their sense. So much fun!


I love this beautiful, creative sensory learning idea for Spring.

Flower Sensory Soup from Living Life and Learning

If your child loves flowers then put together your own flower sensory soup table for hours of fun.

What a wonderful way to use your flower garden for sensory learning!


These are simple things that will help your child process & learn through their senses

  1. Head to your local park and SWING!!! 
  2. Use some pastel colored play dough and let your child squish, mold and build their own creations
  3. Food — let them play with food, smash some fruit, crack an egg & touch the yolk, give them cooked & cooled pasta, and talk about the texture of each food. To keep it less messy, take it outside & enjoy the sunshine, friend! 
  4. Balance Beam — head to a local park if you don’t have one OR if it’s a rainy day put some masking tape on the floor & have your child walk on the line

Sensory play really is the perfect way for young children to internalize and process what they’re learning.

spring play dough craft for preschoolers


You can start with celebrating Earth Day. Or you can talk through the water cycle. Here are some more ideas to help make science learning happen this Spring:

Plant some seeds in a Ziplock bag.

This is super simple and really fun!

While you’re out grocery shopping grab a small pack of seeds, snack size ziplock baggies, and paper towels. 

Give your preschooler 3-5 seeds, a baggie, and a paper towel.

Have them place the seeds inside the paper towel.

Fold it in half horizontally and then in half horizontally again.

Then, have them get the paper towel damp.

You can help them run it underwater at the sink or give them a spray bottle with water to spray the paper towel.

Once damp, stick the paper towel & seeds inside the baggie.

Close the baggie.

Tape to a window with sun exposure.

Water every 3-5 days to dampness.

Observe and talk about the changes you see & you can even have them draw what they observe! 

preschool girl watering plant in the spring

Potted Plant

Want to take planting a step further or just keep it outside?

Get a small planter, some soil, and a small pack of seeds.

If you want limited mess, just keep this outside.

If you don’t mind mess the kitchen table works, too!

Plant the seeds in the mini pot with your child.

You will need to guide them on how to do this.

They will love getting to watch their beautiful flowers bloom! 


Here’s another really creative idea for gardening with your preschooler.

Toilet Paper Roll Pots from Urban Garden Gal

These toilet roll seedling pots are a fun and easy way to get your kids interested in gardening.

Garden Help

If you happen to have an already established garden, let your preschooler help you tend it!

They can help you water the plants.

Watch the garden grow. Talk about the changes they see.

You could also take it a step further would be having them draw what they see. 

preschool girl watering plants in the garden


Maybe you’re wanting to work with some themes for this Spring season and just need a few ideas to make your goals come to life. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  1. Gardening — this covers rain & weather. You can use seeds, leaves, or flowers to teach many learning activities
  2. Spring Weather — you can make so many crafts to fit the weather, learn about clouds & rain, and teach literacy & math skills along with the weather
  3. Spring Cleaning — teaching preschoolers how to clean, take care of their home, and the benefits of cleaning are great life skills!

A wonderful book for this would be Clifford’s Spring Clean-Up by Norman Bridwell

preschool spring craft


Here are a few more fun spring activities that are perfect for this time of the year.

Handprint Bee Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

Transform your child’s handprint into a cute bee with this handprint bee craft!

Paper Plate Lady Bugs from Crafts by Amanda

These are adorable and you can do them in all different colors!


Now you are well prepared to make learning happen with your preschooler this Spring.

You’ve got plenty of ideas to make learning fun with your preschooler with Spring reading, literacy activities, math, science & nature, arts and crafts and sensory learning.

Take a minute now to download your free copy of the Preschool Spring Activity Book.

Then choose an fun activity from this post and get started!

Happy Spring Learning!

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Preschool Spring Activity Book

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